Political Economy Major

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A top quality education in a field of undeniable importance.

What is Political Economy?

Political Economy is the study of the proper relationship between politics and economics. Those who study it seek answers to questions like: Why are some nations rich and others poor? Does capitalism improve society or make it worse? Does free trade harm a nation? How does a nation avoid an economic crisis? You will find the answers in the writings of the greatest economic thinkers of the past and present, from Smith to Marx and from Locke to Hayek.

Studying Political Economy will give you an understanding of the proper place of economics in human life. It’s a great major for anyone interested in a career in finance, law, banking, business, or government.

What is the Ashbrook Scholar Program?

The Ashbrook Scholar Program is an honors program at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio for students seeking a degree in political science, history, political economy, pre-law, international relations, or social studies education. As an Ashbrook Scholar, you will take part in a rigorous academic program embedded in the liberal arts tradition that involves the study of the great works of Western Civilization and America. You will also read and discuss the works of our greatest thinkers and the speeches and writings of our noblest statesmen.

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However, you won't simply be challenged inside the classroom; you will be challenged outside the classroom as well, with exciting internship opportunities and events featuring prominent world leaders (past speakers include John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, and Benjamin Netanyahu).

The Ashbrook Scholar Program is a serious program for serious students, like you.

Learn with Primary Sources

Ashbrook's method of teaching from primary sources rather than textbooks provides a more complete education and removes personal biases from the instruction.

Become a Better Citizen

A good citizen is a well-educated citizen. As an Ashbrook Scholar, you will gain a thorough understanding of America, its government, its economy, and its history.

$2,000 Scholarship

Being part of the Ashbrook Scholar Program at Ashland University comes with a $2,000 annual scholarship to attend Ashland University.

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